A day nursery is available for symposium participants. The nursery is located approximately 10 minutes walk away from the meeting venue. In principle, nursery users must contact bdr-sympo2019@ml.riken.jp at least 4 weeks before the day of their intended use.


We will disclose the detailed information only to the users to ensure security.

Eligible Age

Children at least 57 days old to pre-school age.


5 children, in principle. (up to 3 children under one year old)
*Please note that the applications may be closed when we reach capacity.

Application Deadline

Friday, February 22, 2019

Opening Time

8:15 to 18:00 (Extended childcare available until 20:00)
*In principle, please use the day nursery only during symposium hours.

Please come for a parent-child interview at least 30 minutes before the actual childcare begins. Please bring the enrollment form (sent after the application is accepted) to the interview.


Age 0: 220 yen/30 minutes
Age 1 & 2: 210 yen/30 minutes
Age 3-: 160 yen/30 minutes
*Payment must be made in cash in Japanese yen when child is picked up from the nursery.

Management Company

Child Heart Co., Ltd


There will be at least 1 staff member on duty when necessary, who will be able to communicate in English with parents/guardians regarding childcare issues.