The symposium will be delivered by Zoom Webinar. You will be notified by e-mail of your ID/Password to login to the members-only webpage. If you have not received the e-mail by Friday, October 30, 2020, please the symposium secretariat.

The members-only webpage will enable you to download the abstracts, access the Zoom webinars, see the on-demand (recorded) videos and use the bulletin board system (BBS) function. We ask everyone to download the abstract book in advance to reduce server load during the symposium.

- We recommend that you install Zoom into your computer or other devices (
- Update the software to the latest version.
- Check the Zoom support guidelines if you are a first-time Zoom user (
- Login to the Zoom webinar with your full name in English.
- Please DO NOT share or disclose your ID/Password, Zoom links with others.
- Please DO NOT let unregistered participants view the meeting or the videos.
- Please DO NOT record (photographic, screen, capture, audio and/or video), copy or download scientific results from sessions or presentations.

How to ask questions

All attendees can participate in the Q&A sessions by typing questions through the webinar Q&A feature. The session chair will select the questions and share them with the speaker. Speakers will answer the questions orally. Anonymous questions are not accepted. If time runs out or you think of a question later, you can use the bulletin board system (BBS) function on the members-only webpage to ask your questions.


As many of participants will be attending from around the world, registered participants will be able to access videos of recorded talks, in which speakers have given permission. Videos will be uploaded during the 2nd week of November and then deleted on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 (Japan time). Videos will be available on the members-only webpage.

BBS Function

If you have any questions to the speakers or to the supporting companies, please use the BBS function on the members-only webpage for active interaction.

Time zone

To find out the equivalent time zone in your location, please check the World Clock Meeting Planner. If your location is not included, please select "Change cities and date".